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Affordable Reliability

We're committed to delivering energy that is cleaner and more reliable than ever before while keeping bills low.

Providing Energy that's Affordable, Reliable and Clean

FPL's typical residential customer bill is nearly 30% below the national average and lower than 46 states. How do we do it? We're making smart investments on behalf of our customers that continue to deliver improved service at a lower cost.

FPL lineman restoring power


Safety is paramount with all employees and partner crews, who work every day honoring our company philosophy that all injuries are preventable.

FPL Miami lineman

Increased Reliability

The installation of more than 120,000 intelligent devices on FPL's energy grid means even better reliability and shorter power outages if they do occur.

FPL trucks at night

Ready to Respond

FPL was able to restore power to more than 2 million customers in one day following Hurricane Irma in 2017 and to all 4.4 million customers impacted by the storm in 10 days. This compares to the 18 days it took the company to restore power after Hurricane Wilma – the last major storm to hit FPL’s service area prior to Hurricane Irma.

FPL Command Center

Emergency Preparedness

Our employees participate in drills throughout the year to prepare for emergency situations such as storm, cyber and capacity shortfall incidents. In 2020, more than 3,000 employees participated in FPL's annual storm drill.



We have a comprehensive cybersecurity monitoring program for all of our computer networks and are actively educating our employees about the importance of being cyber aware. Our defense-in-depth approach imposes security at every layer and our standards for cybersecurity exceed those set by the industry.